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Round heating element 2.8 kW for 35 cm kettle

Round heating element 2.8 kW for 35 cm kettle

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Product Description

These round heating elements from BrewPI are powerful, low density, and super easy to clean. They are mounted permanently in your kettle wall with a specially designed flange that completely captures the O-ring and ensures an easy leak-free installation without teflon tape.

This 25 cm ring element is designed for a 35cm diameter kettle (either our 38L or 40L kettles). In a 35 cm kettle the ring will be centered with about 4.5-5 cm space between the element and the kettle wall. 

To install it properly you will need a 54-55 wrench or socket - we sell an appropriate wrench in the shop. We also offer a hole drilling service for all Craft Hardware kettles!

  • Ring Diameter 25 cm
  • Power 2800w
  • voltage 230V
  • Current 12.2A
  • Watt Density 10.3 w/cm2
  • Hole size required 47 mm
  • Thread Size 1.5" BSP
  • Element material 1.4401
  • Housing material 1.4301

Please note, the element cable housing is not waterproof, take care not to spill water or wort onto your heating element. Always install the element with GFI protection.

Important: please consult a professional electrician regarding the installation of your heating element. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load.