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Eyelet Installation Service for Recirculating BIAB Bags

Eyelet Installation Service for Recirculating BIAB Bags

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Finally! Recirculating BIAB systems can now use the top Tri-Clamp connection of the kettle for recirculation, allowing the lid to be placed on the kettle during mashing.

We will put a stainless steel eyelet in your 400 micron recirculation Brew Bag. Simply send us your bag - at your expense - and we will install the eyelet and return it. Processing time once received is 2-3 business days.

In order to install the grommet in the correct location, we need to know the diameter of your kettle and the distance from the top of the lauter base to the center of the return opening. For faster service, please provide this information in the order notes:

This service is only offered for The Brew Bag® brand 400 micron brew bags. Not available for the regular 200 micron Brew Bags or for Brew Bags from other manufacturers.

The eyelet must not be used as a lifting point for the bag. It may only be used as a sparge return opening.

The eyelet has an inner diameter of 20 mm. I recommend the new 13-mm kettle inside hose adapter along with a piece of 13x19-mm silicone hose for the recirculation return. This makes it easy to install and pull the bag out of the kettle without removing the hose or adapter. I like to use a short 20-30 cm piece of tubing that hangs into the kettle. You can also install a longer piece that wraps around the wall of the kettle to create a whirlpool of sorts. Our Sparge Arm spreader plate fits the 19-mm OD hose, but I don't think it's necessary to use it.

For large batches where the wort level is above the eyelet, I recommend putting a silicone O-ring over the tubing for a better seal between the eyelet and tubing.

Our various 90 and 45 degree open end dip tubes will also fit through the grommet, as will the kettle inside hose adapter. You can attach a piece of 14x24 silicone hose to these fittings, but the hose must be removed from the fitting when pulling the bag. Our two piece sparge arm and whirlpool arm are not compatible with this eyelet.