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Keg Washer (NC)

Keg Washer (NC)

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Product Description

The NC Keg Washer makes it easy to clean your Cornelius style NC (Pepsi) beer kegs. A sturdy stainless steel construction allows fast and secure fastening of the washer directly to the keg. The specially designed stainless steel ball lock adapter and cross bar provide a stable stand for your keg. The gas side ball lock adapter is connected via John Guest connectors for easy installation. The Keg washer is sold without a pump (pictures are for demonstration only). This allows you to select the best pump for your application, or use it with your existing cleaning pump.

A strong jet of water is projected onto the bottom of the keg, spreading evenly and thoroughly washing down the sidewalls. The liquid and gas tubes get a rinse from the inside as well. Most readily available pumps are not necessarily food grade, so be sure to rinse the keg out at the end with some fresh water. If you have a really crusty keg, I recommend brushing the outside of the liquid tube when cleaning. You can do this with the tube installed with a long handled brush, or by removing the tube for a thorough cleaning.

On the input side of the washer, you will connect your cleaning pump. There are many options, but I like the Bacoeng Baco-4000 pond pump (available at for use with the washer, it provides a strong jet that cleans your keg without the need for a more expensive rotating CIP ball. For additional cleaning power, use a high pressure pump with the rotating CIP ball - for this a good pump is the Gardena 4700/2 INOX, which provides 4700 L/hr at up to 2.3 Bar. The Gardena pump is fairly heavy so I do not recommend lifting it out when changing kegs, in fact it is easy to change the kegs with the pump in the bucket. You can mount the washer with the optional 1" pump adapter.

Tip: do not try to use the rotating CIP ball on a small submersible pond pump, it will not work well. You need at least 2 bar with high flow rate to drive the rotating CIP ball. 

Add the rotating CIP ball with extension tube and the 1″ Pump adapter for use with a high pressure pump for additional mechanical cleaning action.


You can also use the washer to clean out your tubing and ball lock adapters! The keg washer already includes the gas ball lock valve, just add the 1/4″ Male BSP Ball Lock Adapter and you can connect your NC ball lock disconnects and tubing for cleaning.

Using the keg washer with the optional Baco-4000 Pump:

1. Connect the liquid disconnect to the keg

2. Connect the gas side

3. Turn the keg upside down (holding the washer against the keg as shown)

4. The keg sits on top of the pump in your bucket filled with cleaning solution

Using the keg washer with the optional Gardena 4700/2 Inox Pump, optional rotating CIP ball, and optional 1" Pump Adapter:


1. The pump is setup in the bucket and ready to use.


2. Hold the liquid ball lock open and lower the keg onto the washer


3. Connect the gas side of the keg


4. The keg sits on top of the pump in your bucket filled with cleaning solution


Check out the cleaning jet in action in our demonstration keg below (video shows version 1 of the washer with Bacoeng 4000 pump):