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Dry Hopper (NC Keg)

Dry Hopper (NC Keg)

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Product Description

A first of its kind, Craft Hardware original, low oxygen hop delivery device for NC or CC kegs. Finally, a great way to get your hops into your dry hop keg in a completely closed system. Load the bottle with hop pellets, install it in a keg full of water or diluted Starsan, then push the liquid out of the keg. Now you can rack your beer in and release the hops whenever you are ready by briefly connecting gas to the lid gas post. Your beer is dry hopped in a low/no oxygen environment and can be cold crashed and racked to your serving keg.

The capacity of the bottle is 200g (500ml) of dry hop pellets. The temperature range of the LDPE components is -20 to +70C. LDPE is chemically resistant to bases and acids, including phosphoric acid which is found in the disinfectant Starsan. LDPE is highly flexible and robust, but I recommend you do not pressurize the keg to more than 1 bar to prevent excessive compression of the hop bottle when installed in the keg. 

The set includes:

  • 1 stainless steel keg lid with NC gas post and hose barb
  • 1 short piece of John Guest food safe polyethylene tubing connected to the lid
  • 2 spare pieces of polyethylene tubing
  • 1 LDPE bottle, food safe, made in Germany (500 ml)
  • 1 food safe silicone stopper to seal the bottle
  • 1 John Guest Food Safe tubing connector
  • 1 stainless steel lockring
  • 1 shortened dip tube to install in the gas post of your keg. This will facilitate fully draining the keg (see instructions).

The dry hopper works best in conjunction with our floating dip tube.

Using the dry hopper is simple. You can find detailed instructions here. The instructions are for the no longer available SS version but the usage is the same. You can remove the john guest fitting from the bottle for thorough cleaning with a 17mm socket and extension. The stopper will discolor over time with usage, this is normal. Replacement stoppers can be found here.