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Blow Off Cane (NC)

Blow Off Cane (NC)

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Product Description

Make fermenting in your NC kegs easy with this blow-off cane. Fill the jar with 100ml of water or diluted starsan, and connect the blow-off cane to the fermenter keg gas valve. Fermentation gas will bubble up through the liquid in the jar and out the air vents in the lid of the jar. No more tubes and makeshift jars on the ground that inevitably tip over!

The jar is made from borosilicate glass, the Gas disconnect and tubing is stainless steel, the push-fittings are Jonh Guest and Duotight. As an added bonus, you can remove the glass jar and install a Blowtie spunding valve to the end of the tube (Blowtie Spunding Valve not included).
The set includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel gas disconnect for NC kegs
  • 1 Stainless steel tube
  • 1 John Guest NC to 8mm adapter
  • 1 Duotight bulkhead
  • 1 250 ml borosilicate glass jar with air vent in lid