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Kettle Lid Hinge

Kettle Lid Hinge

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Do you hate finding a place to put the dripping wet kettle lid when opening the kettle lid during brewing? Designed specifically to be used with our steam condenser, with this one of a kind Craft Hardware kettle lid hinge, you can mount your lid directly to the handle of your kettle and open and close it with ease. The smooth hinge rotation also allows leaving the lid open in a vertical position. It is designed to catch most of the dripping condensation when opening the lid, so you can prevent creating a wet mess on your brew stand. You can quickly remove the lid from the kettle for cleaning by opening the Tri-Clamp clamp, or by loosening the tube clamp screw.

The lid hinge mounts firmly to your Craft Hardware kettle handle, and can be left in place when lifting the kettle - the handle is not obstructed. The clamp requires our Lid Bulkhead (sold separately) and either an end cap or steam condenser lid mount (each sold separately). You cannot use the lid hinge without the Craft Hardware lid bulkhead. Other Tri-Clamp bulkheads are too short to be compatible with the lid hinge!

It doesn't matter if you have your kettle handles front to back, or side to side.  The hinge is reversible (can be mounted to the left or the right) and can be mounted on either kettle handle. Fits all Craft Hardware kettles: 38L, 57L, and 83L.

Made from stainless steel with Thermoplastic tube clamps.

Please note: if you want to use our kettle insulation with the lid hinge, you must have a special cutout in the insulation for the handle clamp!