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John Guest 8 mm Shut-off Valve

John Guest 8 mm Shut-off Valve

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Product Description

The John Guest shutoff valves are an easy way to install a temporary shut-off when using 8 mm LLDPE tubing. For example when making keg transfers or for the feed line on the steam condenser. The valve is not intended to be permanently installed and must be used in full open or full closed position only! The PP Range of shut-off valves are produced in polypropylene and fitted with EPDM seals. Polypropylene has the advantage of being more chemically resistant than acetal. Note, do not place them in your freezer when cold crashing at very cold temperatures, the minimum working temperature is 1C.

These valves have been designed to allow temporary servicing of downstream equipment and must only be used in the fully open or fully closed position. DO NOT USE THESE VALVES: In a partially open position to control flow; to provide a permanent termination; without tubing assembled or plugged (or threaded connections sealed), or as a tap or “faucet”.

Material: Polypropylene

Working pressures and temperatures (water)

  • 10 bar at 20C
  • 4 bar at 60C
  • Minimum Temperature 1C