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HERMS Trio 83L

HERMS Trio 83L

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Product Description

Wondering what happened the Premium and Deluxe design versions? We have simplified our product line making the purchasing process less confusing and highlighting the core features of the 3 kettle HERMS system. There are many ways to add complexity, and if that piques your interest we now offer additional design concepts complete with parts lists for building your own pump manifold.

The 83L HERMS Trio is a beautiful 3 kettle HERMS brewery built entirely using Tri-Clamp components. Designed to minimize cost and complexity while providing all the features you come to expect in a 3 kettle HERMS brewery. Take advantage of Tri-Clamp to rapidly disassemble and clean your system, or add features and options as desired. Tri-Clamp makes it easy!

The HERMS Trio now includes an option for Blichmann Riptide pumps in addition to the MP-15 pump. With the Riptide pump you get better performance, an easier to use pump with more features, and outstanding quality from Blichmann Engineering. The Riptide can be mounted beneath the brew table, keeping it neatly out of the way. I highly recommend this pump and have updated all 2 and 3 kettle system designs, making it an option for those systems too.

For more information on product usage please see our HERMS Trio Standard Brewing Guide.
Important note regarding the electrical requirements: because of the larger volumes in the 83L system, this system uses four separate 3.2 kW heating elements. You will need four separate 16A supply circuits to use all elements simultaneously! The heating elements in this set include a 3m connection cable with SCHUKO male plug, but do not come pre-wired to the elements. Please consult a professional electrician. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load.

The only EINBREW controller suitable to control the 83L HERMS Trio is the EINBREW 3V3P, which allows simultaneous firing of all four heating elements. With the EINBREW you can set up to 9 mash stages and let the controller automate your mash schedule. The EINBREW controller comes with temperature probes and power cables, but the electrical assembly is rather complicated, make sure you review the wiring diagram and consult with an electrician!
Wondering exactly what is included? See the full parts lists by clicking on an image below:

Note: the stainless steel brew stand is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in the scope of delivery!

System Design

The HLT contains two of the four 3.2 kW heating elements, the high flow HERMS spiral, a 1? dip tube, a 1" whirlpool tube, and a 5.5 cm thermowell. The output of the HERMS coil is connected to the MLT with a 1" Tee and 13.5cm thermowell for mash temperature control. In the mash tun is the Craft Hardware false bottom on the low 2cm stand, a 1? dip tube, and the two-piece sparge arm. In the boil kettle are the other two heating elements, a 1? dip tube, a trub dam, a 1" whirlpool tube, and a 5.5cm thermowell.

During system preheating, the temperature sensor in the HLT is used to control system temperature. After dough-in, control of the system temperature is switched to the temperature sensor in the sparge arm tee in order to accurately maintain the desired mash temp setpoint. The wort from the MLT is recirculated through the HERMS spiral heat exchanger to gently and safely maintain and raise the mash temperature. Once mashing is completed, the wort is slowly pumped from the MLT into the brew kettle, while simultaneously pumping the sparge water from the HLT into the MLT. During this process, the HERMS coil is cleaned on the inside by the hot water from the HLT. While boiling, the temperature sensor in the boil kettle is used to detect boiling and for cooling temperature measurement.

Once boil is complete, cool your wort with a chiller of your choosing (not included). Whirlpool with the pump as desired, and then fill your fermenter. To fill the fermenter after boiling, the MLT/BK pump output hose is disconnected. If you are using the Blichmann Riptide pump, flow control to the fermenter is integrated into the pump. If you are using the MP-15 pump, you will want to move one of the MLT of HLT valves to the pump output port for flow control to the fermenter.

Note, suitable cooling equipment is not included.
Don’t fear the hose change! Tri-Clamp makes it easy. A relaxed hose change can be done in just 20 seconds, with some experience and working quickly, it can easily be done in under 10 seconds! The video below shows an older HERMS design using 1? valves, but you get the idea:

Comparison to the HERMS Duo System

The main advantages of the HERMS Trio compared to the HERMS Duo are:
  • Larger batch capacity
  • Better system efficiency through full sparge method compared to the semi-sparge method
  • A double brew day is possible, if your controller supports firing two heating elements at once

Batch Size

Small batch size: you can brew as small as 20L batches of 13P wort. You will only need one heating element to boil, and the grain bed will not be very deep. Also you will need additional sparge water in the hot water tank to cover the HERMS coil completely. The extra water can be used for cleaning. If you more often brew batches this small, you should probably go with the 57L system!

Large batch size: you can brew up to 60-65L batches of 13P wort, but be very careful not to cause a boil over, and also if you use the steam condenser you will need to mount it in the lid for this volume of wort. At this original gravity the only limitation is the volume of the boil kettle. For stronger beers, you can brew 60-65L up to 20P wort by mashing a bit thicker at 2-2.5 L/KG. In this case the limitation is the size of the mash tun.

Sight Glass

A sight glass is optional, and is not included with the set. Don’t forget an extra clamp and gasket if you add one. Tip: if you want to add a sight glass, a good place to put it is between the HLT and the MLT. However if you are using other manifold options with your HERMS Trio to connect the kettles together, the kettle spacing may not work with the sight glass in this location.