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Fill Station LED Backlight

Fill Station LED Backlight

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Product Description

A bottle backlight from Ledvance for the Fill Station CPBF. The light has 3 intensity levels with 150 lumens at the highest intensity. It includes a built-in lithium battery and external USB charging cable. For the earlier version of our bottle filler the light clamps between the filler base and the shield arm collar. For the newer version of our filler, the light clamps between the base and the included shaft collar (see photos above). The light also includes a few additional accessories (glue-on / screw on clip, suction cup clip, USB charge cable) in case you want to use the light elsewhere as well as with your fill station.

The light is not waterproof so be careful if you have excessive foaming while filling!

Product includes the LED light with accessories shown in the last pictures. It does not include the Fill Station bottle filler (pictures are for demonstration purposes only).