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Blowtie 2 Duotight Spunding Valve with Integrated Gauge 0-1.0 Bar

Blowtie 2 Duotight Spunding Valve with Integrated Gauge 0-1.0 Bar

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Product Description

Finally! I tested a lot of different types of spunding valves and I can tell you that this is by far the best option out there in this price range! The diaphragm type valve in this unit, with a larger surface area, allows much more accurate dialing in of your fermentation pressure or when transferring between kegs under pressure. The difference between opening and closing pressure is much smaller than other spring and poppet PRV options commonly found in the homebrew market.

The design utilizes the KegLand patented duotight o-ring system to make sure you can fit hoses to this unit quickly and with leak free connections. The unit accepts 8mm size tubing and is made from food grade engineering plastic, stainless steel and quality made EPDM seals. And you can quickly disassemble it completely for thorough cleaning!

This unit includes the 0-1.0 bar pressure gauge. The unit is very compact, this means the gauge face is quite small but it is still accurate to withing about 10% of the pressure range (± 0.15 bar). The gauge can be easily swapped for other pressure ranges. For best accuracy, choose the lowest gauge range for the maximum pressure in your application. We offer replacement mini gauges in the following pressure ranges:

0-2 bar
0-4 bar

Do not allow the pressure to exceed the range of the gauge, this can cause permanent damage to the gauge. Standard PRVs found in a keg lid may not open until 6-8 Bar which is much too high. You should pair your spunding valve with a keg PRV with a similar pressure release: we offer the red 2.5 Bar and green 4.5 bar replacement keg lid PRVs for this reason.

Here is a great product video from David Heath in the UK explaining the difference between the Blowtie and other spunding valves: