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Duotight 8 mm x 5/8" Adapter

Duotight 8 mm x 5/8" Adapter

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Product Description

Duotight push fit adapter to connect 8mm tubing to a 5/8" Beer Tap shank or Gas connection. Just screw on the adapter, then push in an 8mm tube. Both the 8mm EVAbarrier (5mm ID) and our John Guest 8mm (4mm ID) tubing work great with this fitting.

The Kegland Duotight fittings use two EPDM O-rings in the fitting for a superior seal against the tubing and to allow a tighter bend radius at the fitting without leaking. They are rated up to 6.9 Bar, are made of food grade acetal plastic with a stainless steel lock ring, and are usable for both liquid and gas applications. They work great with both the EVABarrier or John Guest LLDPE tubing.