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Digital Mini Pressure Gauge for Blowtie

Digital Mini Pressure Gauge for Blowtie

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A mini digital pressure gauge for the Blowtie spunding valve that provides high accuracy across a wide range of pressure. With the Blowtie analog gauges you have a roughly 10% accuracy, and you have to choose your pressure range to match your application to achieve the highest accuracy. With this digital gauge, you get about 1% accuracy over a range of 0-6.2 bar. The digital gauge also has a backlight and an auto-off timer (15 seconds) to save on battery consumption.
  • Pressure range 0-6.2 bar
  • Backlight
  • Switch between PSI / KPA / BAR
  • CR2032 Battery included

For gas only, do not use with liquids!
Does not include Blowtie spunding valve!

To install: remove the two screws from the stock pressure gauge on your Blowtie valve and remove the analog gauge. Remove the two bolts and nuts from the digital gauge. Push the digital gauge into the Blowtie and fasten it using the original screws from the analog gauge.

To remove: loosen the two screws a bit and pull on them evenly to remove the gauge.