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Lid hole for Tri-Clamp bulkhead fitting

Lid hole for Tri-Clamp bulkhead fitting

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Product Description

We will cut a 42mm hole in your lid for one of our bulkhead fittings:

If you are not purchasing a new lid through the shop, you are responsible for sending your existing lid to our location, please use a delivery service with tracking number. Delivery time approximately 3-5 days after receiving your lid. When purchasing a new kettle with lid or replacement lid from us, if you add this service to your cart at the time of purchase, we will cut a hole in your new lid.

Unless otherwise specified, the hole will be drilled in the recommended location for our steam condenser and hop port mount, as shown below. If you prefer a different location please mark the center of the hole on your lid with a marking pen.


In the 57L (40cm) lid shown above, the hole should be centered approximately 3.5 cm from the edge of the handle, and approximately 10 cm from the edge of the lid along the center line. For the 38L (35cm) lid, you should increase the distance from the handle from 3.5 cm to 4.5cm, but maintain the 10cm distance.

In the 83L lid, 45 cm diameter, shown above, the hole can be inline with the handle and 10cm from the edge.


This service is only applicable to lids, not kettles!