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Steam Condenser Lid Mount

Steam Condenser Lid Mount

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Product Description

The steam condenser lid mount is a great way to mount the steam condenser in your exising standard kettle lid without an existing tri-clamp port.

Also available: kettle lids with welded tri-clamp ports for simpler installation. Also, our clamp with welded handle makes for easier handling of the lid installed steam condenser.

Tip: This lid adapter is the best way to connect your steam condenser to an existing kettle lid. If you are also ordering a replacement lid for the steam condenser, it is more economical to order the lid version with a pre-welded tri-clamp ferrule and combine that with a DN40 elbow and clamp to make the connection to the steam condenser.

The steam condenser lid mount is applicable for those who do not have a sidewall Tri-Clamp port on their kettle and want to use the steam condenser. It allows mounting the body of the steam condenser directly to the lid. You will have to drill a 42mm hole in your lid to install the bulkhead fitting. Note: The lid will sit stable on the kettle but will be significantly heavier with the condenser installed, and will have a skewed center of gravity when removing. When removing the lid you should use heat protection gloves to prevent a burn from contact with hot parts.

The Bulkhead fitting installed in the lid has an approximately 6 degree angle to fit the lids we sell with our kettles. However you can still install the fitting on a flat lid. By rotating the 90 elbow where it meets the bulkhead as well as where it connects to the condenser body, you can install the condenser body so that it sits vertically.

If you would like us to drill the hole in your lid for you, please add this product to your order: Lid hole for Tri-Clamp bulkhead fitting.

The kit contains an Elbow 90 Tri-Clamp fitting, the Tri-Clamp Lid bulkhead fitting, plus one Tri-Clamp gasket and clamp. Steam condenser and kettle lid are not included.


  1. Drill a 41-44 mm hole in your lid. See pictures and tips below for hole placement!
  2. Carefully deburr the hole using a file or sandpaper.
  3. Install the bulkhead fitting into the lid. See the bulkhead fitting product for further instructions.
  4. Clamp the 90 elbow onto the bulkhead fitting.
  5. Clamp the steam condenser body onto the 90 elbow.
  6. Rotate as necessary to get the condenser vertical.

When installing the lid mount, you should take into consideration the weight balance of the steam condenser. Ideally, the condenser should be installed as close to center of the lid as possible, but the exit tube must clear the edge of the kettle. Also, it should be inline with the handle, to prevent any rotational force when lifting the lid. These two factors can be accommodated by drilling the hole slightly offset from the handle, and then installing the steam condenser slightly rotated to keep the center of gravity inline with the handle. See the pictures below for explanation.

In the 57L (40cm) lid shown above, the hole should be centered approximately 3.5 cm from the edge of the handle, and approximately 10 cm from the edge of the lid along the center line. For the 38L (35cm) lid, you should increase the distance from the handle from 3.5 cm to 4.5cm, but maintain the 10cm distance.

When mounting the condenser, rotate it slightly to keep the center of balance along the line of the handle. This provides the best hold and balance when removing the lid with the condenser installed.
In the 83L lid, 45 cm diameter, shown above, the hole can be inline with the handle and 10cm from the edge.