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BIAB Solo Premium 83L

BIAB Solo Premium 83L

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Product Description

A single kettle 83L Tri-Clamp based recirculating BIAB Set built with all Tri-Clamp components. For beginners and experts alike!

Updated May 2022: Now includes our high-flow false bottom for better recirculation and through-the-lid sparge recirculation for ease of use. You can now mash with the lid closed, and hang the lid on the kettle rim with our new lid hanger when you want to give it a stir.

Note: The pictures show the 57L version of this product. The 83L Version has two heating elements in the 83L 5/1 kettle. 

You can choose between the optional Blichmann Riptide pump or the MP-15 pump. With the Riptide pump you get slightly better performance, an easier to use pump with more features, and outstanding quality from Blichmann Engineering. The Riptide pump is mounted beneath the brew table, keeping it neatly out of the way. I highly recommend this pump and have updated all 2 and 3 kettle system designs, making it an option for those systems too.
The BIAB solo premium is my favorite system and my first choice on a brew day. Simple, elegant, and time saving, but still technical enough to keep things interesting. BIAB is an extremely cost effective way to brew great beer while keeping your system as simple as possible. This is a very effective no-sparge method that will also save precious time during your brew day. Built to last using easy to clean Tri-Clamp fittings. Fully disassemble your brewery to clean everything thoroughly as desired; the fast Tri-Clamp connections make it easy.

See our product instructions page for detailed information about installation and the brew process.

System Design

This set improves upon the BIAB Solo Standard set to include a pump for recirculation during the mash and for whirlpooling after the boil. The included Tri-Clamp Lid Bulkhead has a tube adapter that is used to recirculate the wort back into the grain bag during the sparge. This will allow you to maintain mash temperature and, if used with an appropriate controller, to program your mash schedule. You can easily mash with the lid on and temporarily hang it on the kettle with our new lid hanger. The included high porosity false bottom protects the mash bag from the heating element. When mashing is complete, simply hoist out the mash bag using the included pulley and remove the false bottom and stand using the included long handle hook. For boiling, you can use the lid port or top port of the kettle for our steam condenser (optional). Whirlpooling can be done through the integrated whirlpool tube. Once the whirlpool is complete, just pull off the tube to fill your fermenter. Add your choice of wort chiller (not included) and you are ready to go!

The 83L version of the BIAB Solo Premium uses two heating elements and has a 10cm high false bottom stand to clear the upper heating element. It also uses all 1" fittings (dip tube, valves, elbows, hose barbs) as well as the 19mm ID reinforced silicone tubing - although not critical for a 1 vessel system, these components are better suited to a later upgrade to 2 or 3 kettle 83L systems.

Important note regarding the electrical requirements: Because of the larger volumes in the 83L kettle, this system uses two separate 3.2 kW heating elements. You will need two separate 16A supply circuits to use both elements simultaneously! After boil temperature is reached you can usually turn off one element. The heating elements in this set include a 3m connection cable with SCHUKO male plug, but do not come pre-wired to the elements. Please consult a professional electrician. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load.

There are several options for a brew controller with this system. The EINBREW 3V3P is currently the only option to allow full automated control of both heating elements simultaneously. The EINBREW 1V1P controller only allows control of one heating element. However, you can theoretically use the 1V1P to automate the control of one heating element to maintain your mash and boil temperature, and manually switch the second heating element to raise the mash temp or to reach boiling temperature. You need to pay attention and shut off the element to avoid overshooting your desired temperature.

Because of the extra weight of the 1"fittings, if you are installing the pump vertically, you should secure the pump with our MP-15 pump mounting kit.

With the optional pump clamp and post, you can easily mount the Riptide pump to your brew table.
Or screw the optional Riptide pump directly to the underside of your brewing table.

Batch Size

System efficiency is lower than with our Duo or Trio Systems. For German brewers, the System efficiency measured as "Sudhausausbeute" or SHA is around 55-60%.
The pre-boil volume capacity is 32-70L. Grain capacity is limited by your ability to lift the bag out. The included pulley should not be used for grain bills larger than 8 KG!
Small batch size: you can brew as small as 27L batches of 13P wort. You will want to reduce power to the heating elements, or even remove one completely, for very small batches.

Large batch size: You can expect to get up to 55L of 13P wort in the fermenter when boiling for 60 minutes. For higher gravity beers the maximum batch size will decrease. For example at 20P, with a 18KG grain bill, you can expect about 45L in the fermenter. Remember that when using the steam condenser in the kettle wall, you will restrict the boil size to maximum of about 60L.


There are quite a few all-in-one single kettle brew systems on the market these days. I wanted to offer one that is flexible enough to allow changing over to a 2 or 3 kettle system down the road, just in case! You can reuse almost every part of this set if you decide you want to build a multiple kettle system later. Perfect for when you don't necessarily want to get locked into a single brew style. You can also build your own controller if that interests you. Finally, it also allows you to use all high quality Tri-Clamp components. It has a compact footprint and can be easily disassembled within minutes for cleaning after every brew day.

The Solo Premium system uses a very high quality mesh bag rather than a stainless steel mesh basket. The cost of designing and manufacturing a high quality stainless basket goes against the core concept of expandability. It would leave an expensive piece of unused equipment if you decide to upgrade to a 2 or 3 kettle system.