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BIAB Recirculation Brew Bag 83L/85L

BIAB Recirculation Brew Bag 83L/85L

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Product Description

The "Brew Bag" is a simple and very useful mash bag for home brewers who want to start with mash brews according to the popular "Brew in a Bag" method. This allows you to perform whole grain brewing while keeping your equipment costs minimal and your brewery as simple as possible! I am personally a big fan of this method and use it about half the time when brewing. It's a perfect way for beginning and experienced homebrewers alike to KISS (keep it simple, stupid)!

The standard Brew Bags have a 200 micron mesh size and are not suitable when recirculating with a pump. These bags with 400 micron mesh size work perfectly when you want to add a pump to your mash kettle! They are a bit less flexible than the standard brew bags but we had them specially sized to fit our 83L kettles so they fit well.

  • Width: 47cm
  • Height: 52cm
  • Food safe polyester
  • 400 micron mesh size

Do not mash as finely as you would when using the standard 200 micron mesh bags. I recommend a grain mill gap not under 1mm. The standard crush you get from your homebrew shop is probably perfect.

These grain bags also make a great addition to our pumped 2V and 3V systems. they make grain removal super easy: when finished mashing, just pull out the bag, dispose of the grain, rinse out the bag. No more picking grains out of your false bottom! They also ensure a perfectly clean wort in the kettle with no grain husk.
Note: If you are not pumping and want to use a finer crush, choose the 200 micron brew bags.