Trub Dam DN15


A stainless steel trub dam for our 15mm ID Dip tube.

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For our smaller dip tube only! If you have the ID 22.1 Dip tube please look here.

New design: with clip on plate to fit more kettles and ease of installation! This simple and effective accessory helps keep the kettle trub out of your fermenter. Install the trub dam before brewing. At the end of your boil get a good whirlpool going, stop the whirlpool and let the trub cone settle, then slowly drain your kettle.

The trub dam is sized to fit our 15mm ID Dip tubes and will fit in all of our 38L, 57L, and 83L Kettles. To install it, just install the dip tube as normal, then clip on the trub dam making sure it sits flush with the bottom of the kettle. But be forewarned, to ensure a secure fit the clip is tight and will leave scratch marks on your dip tube over time. 

All parts of the trub dam are made of stainless steel. The spring clip is 1.4310 stainless steel, which is typical for stainless steel spring applications.

Does not include dip tube!


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