Steam Condenser Lid Mount (Factory Second)


A non-standard lid adapter with 10 degree offset to mount to our steam condenser onto your existing kettle lid.

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I received a batch of Tri-Clamp Bulkheads with a 10 degree offset instead of the standard 6 degree offset. This manufacturing mistake results in the Tri-Clamp face not being horizontal when mounted on the Craft Hardware Kettle lid. Otherwise the fitting is completely new and functional. The difference in angle can be seen in the product photos.

When used with the lid mount kit, the resulting 4 degree slope (the Craft Hardware lid has a 6 degree slope) can be offset by rotating the elbow. The result is that the steam condenser will still mount vertically!

The full product description with installation notes can be found here. If you would like us to drill the hole in your lid for you, please add this product to your order: Lid hole for Tri-Clamp bulkhead fitting

The kit contains an Elbow 90 Tri-Clamp fitting, the Tri-Clamp Lid bulkhead fitting (factory second), plus one Tri-Clamp gasket and clamp. Steam condenser and kettle lid are not included.




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