Steam Condenser Kettle Clamp


A kettle clamp to hold our steam condenser when using a lid port.

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The steam condenser kettle clamp is applicable for those who want use the lid mount for our steam condenser. It allows mounting the steam condenser directly to the kettle lid while enabling easy opening and closing of the lid. The steam condenser is mounted onto the lid adapter using Tri-Clamp clamps. To open the lid, simply use the lid handle to rotate the lid away from the kettle. Be careful when lifting the lid to prevent a steam burn!

The kettle clamp is great when you want a convenient and stable mounting solution while maintaining mobility: you can move the kettle wherever you like to brew. Keep in mind that to clean your equipment you will need to loosed the thermoplastic tube connector and remove the steam condenser so that the kettle is separated from the lid.

The set includes the welded handle clamp, the condenser mounting 90 elbow, and a thermoplastic tube connector. To use this product you will also need the steam condenser product as well as the steam condenser lid mount.


1. Install the lid mount into the kettle lid. Clamp the steam condenser onto the lid mount so that it sits vertically. Remove the silicone hose if it is connected.

2. Mount the handle clamp onto the kettle handle at a location where the handle is perpendicular to the kettle. The handle of your kettle must be horizontal for the mount to work! The clamp fits handles 8-10mm in diameter.

3. Mount the 90 elbow with thermoplast tube connector into the handle clamp as shown. Adjust the height of the elbow to approximately the top of the condenser outlet tube. Check that the top of the elbow is horizontal.

4. Check that the elbow is parallel to the kettle handle. Tighten the elbow into the handle clamp so that the gap between the clamp is roughly the same on both sides. The thermoplast tube connector should be installed as shown.

5. Insert the steam condenser into the thermoplast tube connector as shown below. Adjust the height of the elbow if needed sp that the top of the thermoplast tube connector sits at the top of the condenser exit tube. This will provide enough space to connect the exit hose.

6. Install the exit tube hose with hose clamp. Tighten the hose clamp.

7. Make any necessary adjustments so that the lid fits flat and tight to the kettle.

8. Once the fit is good, make sure the clamp screws are all tightened.




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