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Sight Glass Tri-Clamp 1″ (Factory Second)


A 1″ ID Sight Glass at reduced price due to a mistake at the factory.

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A Tri-Clamp sight glass made with borosilicate glass tube. These were supposed to be 1″ tube size (22.1 mm ID). However due to a mistake at the factory, they were delivered with 1″ Tri-Clamp end pieces (22.1 mm ID) and 27 mm ID glass inserts. This creates an approximately 2.5 mm step inside the sight glass between the stainless steel end pieces and the borosilicate glass tube. The product still works fine but is not ideal from a sanitary perspective, so I am offering them here at a deeply discounted price!

Note, the Tri-Clamp flanges are standard 1.5″ size, you can use the normal Clamps and 1″ gaskets.




Weight1 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 80 cm


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