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The kettle rack is used to stack one kettle on top of another kettle. It can only be used with two kettles of the same size.

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The kettle rack is a space saving option that allows you to place one kettle on top of another while brewing. It allows full access to all ports while preventing sliding of the kettles. This is also an add-on for our 2V HERMS system. It is currently available only for our 57L kettles, although 38L versions can be manufactured on request (please contact us first).

It is made from 6mm thick Stainless Steel stock, and welded in our shop in Augsburg.

Warning: The kettles must be placed on a solid, stable, level base to use this product. A full kettle on top of an emtpy kettle has a high center of gravity and if not placed on a suitable foundation, can be prone to tipping!

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Dimensions33 × 33 × 6 cm


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