Kettle Lid Notching Service


We will cut a notch in your kettle lid (see picture for location) This is a service only and does not include a new lid.

Lieferzeit: 7-10 Workdays*

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We will cut a 35mm wide, 35 mm deep rounded notch in your existing kettle lid. This allows you to close your kettle and still use a Craft Hardware sparge arm or whirlpool arm or even – depending on your model – an immersion chiller.

The customer is responsible for sending their lid to our location. Delivery time approximately 7 days after receiving your kettle lid.

When purchasing a new kettle from us, if you add this service to your cart at the time of purchase, we will cut a notch in the lid of your new kettle.

Kettle Size

38L, 57L, 83L


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