Kettle Lid Hanger


Hang your lid on your Craft Hardware kettle with this innovative hook! Please carefully read the product description before purchasing.

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The lid hanger is installed in place of a standard washer when using a lid bulkhead fitting. It allows you to briefly hang the lid on your kettle when brewing.

Please take note of the following important information regarding this product before purchasing:

  • The lid hanger is intended for brief use under careful supervision. Do not leave the lid hanging on the kettle unattended!
  • This product has only been tested on Craft Hardware kettles. It is not intended for use with other kettles.
  • Be careful not to disturb the lid when hanging on the kettle! The lid can fall off and be damaged.
  • The lid hanger will only work when the bulkhead is installed near the edge of the lid. It will not work for center or near-center mounted bulkheads.
  • The hanger must be pointed to the center of the lid when installed. This helps prevent rotation or slipping of the lid when hung on the kettle.
  • Make sure the bulkhead is tightened adequately to prevent the hanger from easily rotating.

I cannot be responsible for damaged lids from improper or careless use of the lid hanger. 

Does not include a bulkhead fitting.

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