Kettle Insulation 57L 3/0


13mm Armaflex AF insulation, tailor made to fit our 57L 3/0 kettles (3 Ferrules at the bottom). Sold with 3 pieces, to facilitate installation. The cylindrical pieces are glued on the back.

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Armaflex is a very good insulator! But why 13mm? The performance of the 13mm thickness is very close to the 19mm thickness (see the chart below). The 13 mm thickness also allows easy access for assembly and disassembly of the Tri Clamp fittings on the kettle. The insulation is glued at the back with the manufacturer’s special adhesive and is heat resistant up to 105C.

Do you cook with a heating element or do you use the kettle unheated? We also have a matching bottom piece in the shop.


  • Hot wort may cause the Armaflex insulation to adhere locally to the outside of the kettle. In this case the insulation must be removed carefully. You can scrape off the rest that sticks to the kettle with a fingernail. Do not use the green side of a pot sponge or a scraper to remove the insulation! You will scratch your kettle. It helps to moisten the area and you can use a bit of cleaner such as Barkeeper’s Friend to facilitate the removal. Insulation adhering to the kettle does not constitute a warranty claim.
  • Armaflex can tear easily if you’re not careful. Try not to dig your fingernails into the insulation when mounting the fittings to the kettle. Do not pull on the cut holes, otherwise they may tear.
  • We cannot supply tailor-made insulation for our custom kettles, or kettles from other manufacturers.


  1. Turn the kettle upside down with the ferrules facing you.
  2. Slide the tall piece of insulation just past the ferrules being careful not to tear the material.
  3. Slide the insulation over the back of the kettle as far as you can.
  4. Then slide it over the front side (ferrule side) again very carefully. It helps to keep a hand between the insulation and the kettle.
  5. You may need to make final minor adjustments so the holes fit the ferrules.
  6. Finally, turn the kettle over and carefully place the shorter cylindrical piece over the top.
  7. Lay the lid piece onto the lid.

Heat loss comparison from our 57L kettle filled with 25L of water:

Chart showing results of insulation test.

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