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Kettle 83L 5/1/HLT


Our 83L brew kettle with 6 welded Tri Clamp ferrules and two pre-drilled holes for the high flow sparge arm.

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The 5/1/HLT kettle takes our standard 5/1 kettle and has two holes drilled to install the high flow HERMS coil. It is intended to be used as the hot liquor tank (HLT) in a 3 kettle HERMS system, but can also be used as a combined HLT / boil kettle in a 2V HERMS. There are two Tri-Clamp ports for heating elements in the back, one at 5cm and one at 8cm height from the bottom. This allows you to install two 3.2 kW heating elements using separate 230V/16A electrical circuits. If you prefer to boil with a single higher powered single phase or 3 phase 400V element, you can also choose the 3/1 kettle and have the additional holes for the heating element and HERMS coil drilled for you. In the front ports you can install a dip tube, thermometer, and whirlpool port. When used as an HLT, the top port should be covered by an end cap.

The HERMS coil holes are drilled on the left front side (at 225 degrees) for the shortest possible connection to the sparge arm in a mash tun setup. The hole geometry and location allows connecting to the mash tun using all stainless steel components (this does not work with the HERMS DUO or HERMS Trio Premium configuration). Demonstration only, parts not included.


View inside the kettle, with two heating elements and the high flow coil installed (all optional accessories)

Optimal Design

All our kettles are sold with welded Tri Clamp ferrules, marked with a handy metric volume scale, and include a fitted lid. They are induction ready and can also be used on traditional electric stoves or with gas cookers (for gas, I recommend our heat shield).

The kettles are made with 1.2mm thick SS304 Stainless steel body and a tri-clad sandwich base. The kettle dimensions feature a height:width ratio of 1.2 which reduces your chance of boil overs compared to the typical 1:1 dimension cookware found in the gastronomy industry.

Our kettles have a mirror polish finish. We do our best to protect them during the manufacturing process but please be aware that you may find tool marks around the welded areas.


We want our kettles to easily expand with your changing brewing processes, without expensive upgrades or replacement. That’s why we have designed our standard kettles for flexibility. The standard kettle range starts with 4 Tri Clamp ports. That way you have the option to add a heating element, thermometer, or whirlpool port, either now or in the future.

Keeping the ports low on the kettle allows you to use any of our kettles as a mash tun, hot liquor tank, or boil kettle interchangeably.


  • 83L Fill Volume
  • 45cm diameter, 54cm tall
  • Compatible with induction, gas, and standard electric stoves
  • Six DN40 Tri Clamp ferrules: center 5cm above bottom at 45, 135, 180 and 225 degrees, center 8 cm at 315 degrees, and center 49cm at 135 degrees
  • Two 32.5 mm holes for High flow HERMS coil at 12 cm and 22 cm from the bottom at 225 degrees
  • 1.2mm SS304 18/8 1.4301 kettle body
  • 5mm tri-clad sandwich bottom composed of: SS430 exterior, heat conductive aluminum plate in between, and SS304 interior
  • Sturdy riveted silicon covered handles
  • Volume markings with 1L marks beginning at 3L
  • Includes lid
  • Mirror polish finish
  • 40-70L batch size

The kettle is sold without high flow coil and heating elements, those are for demonstration purposes only!

Note: our kettles use DN 40 Tri Clamp Ferrules. The DN40 ferrule has the largest possible ID of all fittings using 50.4mm clamp. This allows a little more space, which comes in handy with a heating element. They are fully compatible with the US standard 1.5″ Tri Clamp.

Weight11,5 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 48 cm


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