Keg Rinser (NC)


A very simple and easy to use keg rinser for NC (Pepsi) kegs.

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The Craft Hardware Keg Rinser makes it easy to rinse out your Cornelius style NC (Pepsi) beer kegs. Just connect it to your sink or garden hose, connect the ball lock connectors to the keg, and turn on the water. With the keg upside down and lid removed, it gets a good rinse through the dip tubes. This is a great way to give your keg a pre-wash before using the NC Keg Washer or whatever cleaning routine you prefer. Best used directly after finishing your keg.

The set is made from 9.5mm ID EVABarrier tubing and Duotight adapters. It includes a Duotight 1/2″ BSP female adapter with flat washer, and a corresponding brass male garden hose adapter.

Check out the cleaning in action in our demonstration keg below:



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Dimensions28 × 20 × 12 cm


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