Keg Lid With CO2 Post (CC / R JOLLY)


A replacement CC / R-Jolly keg lid with gas post. Quickly and easily add a third port to your keg.

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Will not fit on NC kegs (the lid clamping handle is too wide). If you have an NC keg please check here.

A replacement lid with wide clamping handle for CC or R Jolly kegs only. It has a 9/16-18 UNF threaded keg post and pressure relief valve welded into the lid. It includes a ball lock R Jolly gas post, short CO2 dip tube, lid o-ring, and pressure relief valve. You can replace the included ball lock gas post with a pin lock gas or liquid post (not included).

These are useful when you want to simplify the floating dip tube connection by installing it in the lid, outside the keg, rather than reaching into the keg to install it.




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