Hole Punch 41 mm


A 41mm hole punch for our bulkhead fittings.

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This 41 mm hole punch can be used to make the hole in your lid or kettle for your Tri-Clamp bulkhead fittings. Maximum stainless steel thickness: 1.5 mm.

It will work will all of the following:

You will need to drill a 16mm pilot hole for the hole punch. You will also need a 24 mm wrench.

Here is a step-by step overview of how to make a hole in your lid. Drilling a hole in your kettle will be much the same. Always drill slowly and wear protection. If the drill bit catches you lid and it spins, you can cut your hand on the edge of the lid.

Wear gloves and eye protection!

Mark your hole location. Place the lid on a stable surface, with a small block of wood underneath the hole location.


I like to drill the first hole with a 6mm drill bit before moving to a step bit. Drill slowly and use cutting oil. Be careful not to let the drill drift off of center.


For the step bit place a towel on the table to protect your lid from scratches and let the lid hang over the edge where the step bit will break through.


Drill slowly and carefully with the step bit until the hole is 16 mm.


I like to clamp the lid to the table for the hole punch. Clamp the lid at the edges to prevent bending the lid. The punch will pull through to the top of the lid.


On the top side the hole will be rough and should be deburred.


Use a file or sandpaper to deburr the hole.


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    This device is excellent along with the instructions provided on the website. Worth the money and makes a super nice hole. I used this to punch 2 holes in an existing stainless steel pot. Drilled a small pilot hole for the step bit, then used the step bit to get the hole big enough to use this hole punch. It was much easier than I thought. Took me a total of 10-15 min to complete 2 holes !

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