HERMS Trio 57L Standard

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The Craft Hardware standard 3 vessel, single tier, Tri-Clamp based HERMS brewing system.

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Our standard three vessel HERMS system built entirely using Tri-Clamp components. Designed and built to minimize cost and complexity while also minimizing the number of hose changes.

This 3 kettle, single tier HERMS system is comprised of 57L Craft hardware kettles: the 4/2 HLT, a 2/0 MLT, and a 4/1 Boil kettle. The 3 kettle outputs have butterfly valves, while the 3 kettle inputs use ball valves to allow flow regulation. The two pumps inputs are connected directly to the kettle via an elbow, and the pump outputs use reinforced silicone hose to make the final connection. By having two hose change operations during the brew process the system design is as simple as possible, with fewer parts to clean. In fact that’s one of the big advantages of this version: it’s easy to completely disassemble and clean after every brew session! During the boil you can clean the MLT and HLT, leaving just the brew kettle to clean when you’re done. In fact the HLT and connected pump is already clean and only need to be emptied and dried. Tri-Clamp makes it easy!

Note: the EINBREW 3V3P shown in the photos is only included if selected in the dropdown above.

You can choose to purchase the HERMS Trio with or without a controller. Choose the optional EINBREW 3V2P system controller from the dropdown above and your system will include the easy to use and fully featured CE certified brew controller made by EINBREW in the UK. The EINBREW controller comes with a 3 PT100 temperature probes and all the power cables you need; just wire the heating elements to the supplied C20 plug ends and your system is ready for brewing! Please consult a professional electrician. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load. You can also choose to purchase the HERMS Trio without a system controller, in which case the system will not include the temperature sensors or plugs for the heating elements.

If you are upgrading your existing Craft Hardware kettle(s) to a 3V HERMS system, you can also use a 3/0 or 3/1 kettle for the boil kettle with a whirlpool arm mounted in the kettle clamp. If you want to convert an existing 3/0 or 3/1 kettle to an HLT kettle, you can also connect the upper HERMS coil connection in the kettle wall by drilling a 21mm hole and use one Tri-Clamp Kettle Mount 1/2″ BSP and one Threaded Tri Clamp HERMS Adapter G1/2″.

System Design

Now updated to include a 3/1 MLT kettle with our new two-piece sparge arm. The sparge arm includes 3 heights: 9.5 cm, 17.5 cm, and 25.5 cm.

The hot water kettle contains one of the two 3.2 kW heating elements, the HERMS spiral adapters, a whirlpool fitting, a pickup tube, and a thermowell. At the input of the sparge arm on the MLT, a tee fitting is installed, into which a thermowell for the MLT temperature sensor is installed. In the mash tun is the Craft Hardware false bottom on the low 2cm stand, a dip tube, and the two-piece sparge arm. In the boil kettle comes the second heating element, a pickup tube, a whirlpool tube, a thermowell, and the steam condenser (optional – not included).

The kettle layout is reversible so that the HLT can be placed either to the left or right of the MLT, as desired.

During system preheating, the temperature sensor in the HLT is used to control system temperature. After dough-in, control of the system temperature is switched to the temperature sensor in the sparge arm tee in order to accurately maintain the desired mash temp setpoint. The wort from the MLT is recirculated through the HERMS spiral heat exchanger to gently and safely maintain and raise the mash temperature. Once mashing is completed, the wort is slowly pumped from the MLT into the brew kettle, while simultaneously pumping the sparge water from the HLT into the MLT. During this process, the HERMS coil is cleaned on the inside by the hot water from the HLT. While boiling, the temperature sensor in the boil kettle is used to detect boiling and for cooling temperature measurement. Note, suitable cooling equipment is not included.

While mashing the temperature sensor in the HERMS coil output tee is used for temperature control.
To begin lautering, we move the MLT pump output hose to the boil kettle whirlpool port, and the HLT pump output hose to the HERMS coil input. During sparging the HERMS coil is cleaned with hot water.
During boiling we move one pump group to the boil kettle. if you want to pump to your fermenter, connect another ball valve from the HLT into the pump output. Now the HLT and MLT can be cleaned.

Tip: if you want to add a sight glass, the HERMS coil output port is a great location for it:

Sight glass is optional, not included. Don’t forget an extra clamp and gasket if you add one.

Note: the stainless steel brew stand is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in the scope of delivery!

Comparison to the HERMS Duo System

The main advantages of the HERMS Trio compared to the HERMS Duo are:

  • Larger batch capacity
  • Better system efficiency through full sparge method compared to the semi-sparge method
  • A double brew day is possible, if your controller supports firing two heating elements at once

Batch Size

Small batch size: you can brew as small as 15L batches of 13P wort. Keep in mind that at 3 L/KG mash thickness the mash tun will only be about 12L full. Also you will need additional sparge water in the hot water tank to cover the HERMS coil completely. The extra water can be used for cleaning.

Large batch size: you can brew up to 45L batches of 13P wort. At this original gravity the only limitation is the volume of the boil kettle. For stronger beers, you can brew 45L up to 21P wort by mashing a bit thicker at 2.5 L/KG. In this case the limitation is the size of the mash tun.

Note: a simultaneous double brew session (heating the HLT and or mashing at the same time as boiling) is not possible with the 3V2P controller, only one element can be fired at a time.




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