Duotight 8mm Tee


8mm Duotight push fit Tee connector.

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Kegland Duotight 8mm Equal Tee for EVABarrier or Polyethylene tubing. Commonly used as a splitter on the gas (CO2) side of a keg draft system or with the fill station CPBF.

The Kegland Duotight fittings use two EPDM O-rings in the fitting for a superior seal against the tubing and to allow a tighter bend radius at the fitting without leaking. They are rated up to 6.9 Bar, are made of food grade acetal plastic with a stainless steel lock ring, and are usable for both liquid and gas applications. They work great with both the EVABarrier or John Guest LLDPE tubing.

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Dimensions2,5 × 1,5 × 1,5 cm


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