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BIAB Solo Standard 83L


A single kettle 83L Tri-Clamp based BIAB Set for beginners and experts alike.

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For beginners and experienced brewers alike! Get started on the right path with the Craft Hardware BIAB Solo brewing set. BIAB is an extremely cost effective way to brew great beer while keeping your system as simple as possible. Just pour in your desired boil volume, heat to mash temperature using the integrated heating element, turn off the heater and insert the brew bag and stir in your milled grain. Close the lid and wait about 60 minutes for the mash to complete (an occasional stir helps things along). Then just pull the bag out and turn the element back on to begin boiling. Add your hops per your recipe schedule, then at the end of the boil let the wort cool naturally or use your preferred chilling method to get to yeast pitching temperature. Drain to your fermenter using the included dip tube and silicone hose. Done!

System Design

This is a complete BIAB system built entirely using Tri-Clamp components. If you’re just getting started, this set ensures your initial investment is money well spent. The 5/1 Kettle leaves room for expansion! You can easily upgrade to a pumped BIAB premium system or grow your system to a 2V or 3V version. The set includes:

  • 1 83L 5/1 Brew Kettle with 6 welded Tri-Clamp ferrules
  • 1 fitted 83L kettle insulation
  • 1 fitted 83L Brew Bag BIAB mash sack
  • 2 heating elements
  • 2 3m Connecting cable H07RN-F 3G1,5 with EU Schuko Plug
  • 1 analog Tri-Clamp thermometer
  • 1 two piece Tri-Clamp valve
  • 1 hose barb fitting
  • 1 Tri-Clamp dip tube (1″)
  • 1m reinforced silicone hose
  • 2 Tri-Clamp End caps
  • 8 Tri-Clamp clamps and gaskets
  • 1 BIAB pulley (maximum 8 KG grain)

Batch Size

System efficiency is lower than with our Duo or Trio Systems. For German brewers, the System efficiency measured as “Sudhausausbeute” or SHA is around 52-58%.

The pre-boil volume capacity is 32-70L. Grain capacity is limited by your ability to lift the bag out. The included pulley should not be used for grain bills larger than 8 KG!

Small batch size: you can brew as small as 27L batches of 13P wort. You will want to reduce power to the heating elements, or even remove one completely, for very small batches.

Large batch size: You can expect to get up to 55L of 13P wort in the fermenter when boiling for 60 minutes. For higher gravity beers the maximum batch size will decrease. For example at 20P, with a 18KG grain bill, you can expect about 45L in the fermenter. Remember that when using the steam condenser in the kettle wall, you will restrict the boil size to maximum of about 60L.


The heating elements in this set include a 3m connection cable with SCHUKO male plug, but do not come pre-wired to the elements. Please consult a professional electrician. You must be sure to use an appropriate GFI outlet and circuit breaker sized for the load. Important note regarding the electrical requirements: Because of the larger volumes in the 83L kettle, this system uses two separate 3.2 kW heating elements. You will need two separate 16A supply circuits to use both elements simultaneously! After boil temperature is reached you can usually turn off one element. 

In addition the hardware provided with the set, you will probably want to get a hydrometer, and a stirring spoon. These are most likely available wherever you buy your brewing ingredients.

Kettle Size
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