BIAB Solo Standard

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A single kettle Tri-Clamp based BIAB Set for beginners and experts alike. Choose from our 38L or 57L size systems above.

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A complete BIAB system built entirely using tri-clamp components, now updated to include a thermometer. The set includes a standard 3/0 Brew Kettle with 3 welded tri-clamp ferrules, fitted kettle insulation, a fitted Brew Bag BIAB mash sack, a heating element, a two piece Tri-Clamp valve, a hose barb fitting, a tri-clamp dip tube, silicone hose and all the clamps and gaskets to put it all together. Everything you need to start brewing today using state of the art Tri-Clamp components. For beginners and experienced brewers alike!

BIAB is an extremely cost effective way to brew great beer while keeping your system as simple as possible. Just pour in your desired boil volume, heat to mash temperature using the integrated heating element, turn off the heater and insert the brew bag and stir in your milled grain. Close the lid and wait about 60 minutes for the mash to complete (an occasional stir helps things along). Then just pull the bag out and turn the element back on to begin boiling. Add your hops per your recipe schedule, then at the end of the boil let the wort cool naturally or use your preferred chilling method to get to yeast pitching temperature. Drain to your fermenter using the included dip tube and silicone hose. Done!

If you’re just getting started, this set ensures your initial investment is money well spent. You can easily expand the system to a 2V or 3V version, or you may decide to keep things as simple as possible and not change a thing! Built to last using easy to clean Tri-Clamp fittings. Get started on the right path with the Craft Hardware BIAB Solo brewing set.

Note: In addition the hardware provided with the set, you will probably want to get a hydrometer, and a stirring spoon. These are most likely available wherever you buy your brewing ingredients.

Kettle Size

38L, 57L

Tri Clamp Size

1 1/2"


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