Adjustable Thermometer Instructions

Using the adjustable face thermometer is very easy, however please follow the instructions carefully to prevent damage to your thermometer.

Warning: Always loosen the clamp screws before rotating the thermometer dial!

Note: The thermometer is not water proof, avoid getting the thermometer face wet.


1. Place the silicone gasket onto the thermometer body. Lightly turning it will help get it past the threads.

2. Thread on the Tri-Clamp adapter and hand tighten it as far as it will go.


To rotate the face of the thermometer clockwise or counterclockwise, first loosen the screws labeled 1 below. Failing to loosen the screws can lead to permanent damage to the thermometer!

To tilt the thermometer face up or down, first loosen the screws labeled 2 in the drawing above. Tighten the screws when the face is in the desired location.

To calibrate the temperature of the thermometer, turn the adjustment screw left or right as necessary:

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