Direct Fire Duo 57L – Riptide Parts List

EPM18622ABlichmann RipTide™ Pump Tri-Clamp Version1
TFK01783Dip Tube Tri Clamp ID 15mm3
TFK22525Elbow 45 Tri Clamp ID 15mm2
TFK17489Elbow 90 Tri-Clamp 1″ ID 22.1mm1
TFK01501End Cap 1.5″ Tri Clamp2
MMK1110False Bottom 397mm1
MMK1114False Bottom Stand, 57L, Tall1
EHK18907Heating Element 3,2kW Tri Clamp Version2
TFK01716Hose Barb 90 Elbow Tri Clamp ID 15 mm4
TFK01715Hose Barb Straight Tri Clamp ID 15 mm3
EPK01923Hose Clamp 16-27 mm7
BKM17327Kettle 57L 4/12
EHK22146Power Cable 3m H07RN-F 3G1,52
TAK19130Quick Clean G3/4″ Ball Valve Tri Clamp4
TFM20633Replacement O-Ring for Whirlpool and Sparge Arm3
TDK01720Silicone Gasket Tri Clamp 1.5″ ID 38mm12
TDK19119Silicone Gasket Tri Clamp 1.5″ ID 16 mm20
EPK23313Silicone Tubing 14 x 24 mm3
TFM20703Sparge Arm Extension Tube 13 cm1
TFM20713Sparge Arm Extension Tube 21 cm1
TFM20702Sparge Arm Extension Tube 5 cm1
TFM21868Sparge Arm Spreader Plate1
MMK1307Sparge Arm Tri-Clamp with Shaft Collar1
TFK01735Tee Short Tri Clamp ID 15mm2
TTM21506Thermowell Set Screw 13,5 cm Tri Clamp1
TTM21504Thermowell Set Screw 5.5 cm Tri Clamp1
TDK01731Tri Clamp 1.5″ Clamp27
EMM24891Tri-Clamp 1.5″ Mounting Clamp1
BZM20306Trub Dam DN151
TFM24954Tube Extension 36cm DN15 Tri Clamp1

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