DIY Fermenter Inline Filter

In this article I’ll show you how to build a simple and inexpensive inline filter system that you can use when transferring beer in a closed system, using C02 pressure to move the beer from one vessel to another. If you have a conical fermenter with the ability to cold crash, you probably don’t need …

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Brew Day With The HERMS Duo and Steam Condenser

HERMS Duo Two Kettle Tri-Clamp Brewing System Top View

Today I am brewing a version of my Tropicana IPA on my go-to brewery setup: the 2 vessel HERMS Duo. This system uses the unique semi-sparge method and is designed to minimize the cost and complexity of having a HERMS system: it uses 2 kettles, one heating element, one pump, and one temperature sensor. The system can be operated side by side or stacked vertically using the kettle rack if you don’t have the space.

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Direct Fired Mash Tuns

Mash Tun Direct Fire Experiment

While testing the various configurations of brewing equipment and different styles of brewing, I came across an area of concern for a specific equipment configuration: the direct fired mash tun. This is where the heat source is directly applied to (or within) the mash vessel. Can direct heating cause detrimental overheating of your wort? I put it to the test.

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Brew Kettle Insulation

A pair of insulated brew kettles

Insulating a brewing kettle conserves heat and saves energy. I personally find it difficult to take such a beautiful, shiny piece of stainless steel equipment and wrap it in a dull mantle, but then again I am mostly a proponent of “function over form”.

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