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Craft Hardware.

New to the Family:

4/2 HERMS Kettle
4/1 Boil Kettle
83L Brew Kettles



Brew Controllers


Available Soon:


The New 3V HERMS


Welded and marked in our shop

  • All our kettles are built with Tri Clamp ferrules, welded using sanitary welding techniques. Our process is designed to maximize quality while minimizing cost.

Standard and Custom configuration

  • Choose from our catalog of standard kettles designed to work optimally with all of our fittings and accessories. We can also custom weld your kettle for you.

Innovative brew gear made by and for home brewers

  • Build your own home brewery from a wide selection of innovative brewing equipment and accessories that were developed with home brewers at heart.

Heat, Mash, Lauter, Boil, Pump, Fill.

  • Fine tune your mash: we specialize in HERMS, RIMS, and BIAB techniques. But it doesn't end there. We've got you covered during the boil and beyond.

Make your brewery completely "thread free"

  • No more teflon tape, no room for dirt. With Tri Clamp fittings you achieve a perfect seal withing seconds, every time.

Standard parts and unique solutions

  • Sometimes what is already available works best. But we weren't satisfied with only the standard fittings, so we created some of our own.
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